Complete psychological care and services for children, teens and young adults

When your child experiences mental or behavioral health symptoms, it can be stressful for the whole family. At Texas Children’s Hospital, our pediatric psychology team understands the challenges that you and your child are facing. We provide short- and long-term therapies and services, tailored to your needs, to build the skills your child needs for their complete health and well-being.

Experienced psychologists specializing in pediatric care

Our team of licensed psychologists and psychology trainees has years of advanced training to specialize in behavioral and mental health care for children of all ages. We offer effective, evidence-based therapies tailored to the needs of your child and family, with special expertise in psychological care for children and teens who have complex physical health conditions and injuries.

We work with medical specialties across Texas Children’s to help children address psychological, emotional and behavioral concerns related to illness, manage symptoms and side effects of treatment (such as nausea and pain) and stick with their treatment plan. Our comprehensive care also involves working with your child’s medical team to support their recovery, overall health and well-being.

Inpatient and outpatient psychology programs and services

Our pediatric psychologists work with children, teens, young adults and their families in our outpatient clinics and in the hospital at Texas Children’s. We specialize in care for children who have acute (sudden) and chronic (long-term) physical illnesses, and we provide brief, targeted services for those without physical illnesses. Learn more about our inpatient and outpatient programs and services.

Psychological conditions we treat in children and teens

We provide short- and long-term individual, family and group therapy for many mental and behavioral health symptoms and conditions affecting children, teens and young adults. From anxiety to night terrors to PTSD and Tourette syndrome, we have broad, deep experience in working with children to help them achieve their best possible health. Read more about the pediatric psychology conditions we treat

Pediatric psychology locations throughout Houston

You’ll find our psychologists and their teams at locations across Houston and in the surrounding areas. Find addresses and contact information for a pediatric psychology location near you.

Psychology patient resources

We’ve put together some information about behavioral health resources that are available in your community. See our patient resources

Pediatric psychology FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our pediatric psychology care and services.

Breakthroughs in pediatric psychology research

Our psychologists participate in research to advance the care and treatment of children of all ages who are affected by psychological symptoms and conditions. Through our pediatric psychology research efforts, we work to bring scientific discoveries to children, teens and young adults at Texas Children’s Hospital and around the world.

Pediatric psychology for health professionals: Training and referrals

Our pediatric psychologists are also faculty who train the next generation of behavioral and mental health professionals. If you’re a health care provider with patients who might benefit from our care, find out how you can partner with us through referrals. Learn more about pediatric psychology for health professionals and how you can refer patients.

Pediatric psychology: How to become a patient

If your child or teen could benefit from our psychology services, you can self-refer them or have their primary care provider send a referral. Here’s how:

1. Our services: Please review the psychology services we offer before you complete the self-referral form.

2. Referral process: Please complete the new patient referral paperwork for psychology referrals. You can either use the online form or download a paper referral form. If you choose the paper referral form, please fax the completed form and required documents to 832-825-9315.

3. Required documents: When you send us your paperwork, please include copies of the following documents, as applicable:

  • Divorce decree, if the biological parents of the child are legally divorced
  • Guardianship paperwork or Temporary Orders of Custody, if the person seeking the evaluation and/or completing the paperwork is not the biological parent of the child
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) evaluation, school district evaluation(s), the most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and any private evaluation(s) performed by another provider in the community, such as a psychiatrist, neurologist, developmental pediatrician or psychologist

We understand that this is a lot of information for you to send us. Please know that this information helps us better serve your child and your family. Providing this information will help the rest of the process go smoothly. If you have questions, call 832-822-1900