Infusion Center

Specializing in infusion therapy

Family-centered care to children requiring short or long-term infusion therapy, therapeutic injections or provocative stimulation testing.

The Infusion Center provides family-centered care to children requiring short or long-term infusion therapy, therapeutic injections or provocative stimulation testing in an outpatient setting. The staff specialize in infusion therapy and work closely with other members of the healthcare team to provide safe, efficient care that minimizes the disruption to everyday life.

Common treatments provided include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Blood products
  • Stimulation testing
  • Bisphosphonates
  • Immune globulin infusions
  • IV steroids/ hormones
  • Injections with or without teaching
  • Antibiotics, including first doses
  • Enzyme Replacement Therapy
  • Antineoplastics (for non-cancer diagnosis’)
  • Biologic therapy (monoclonal antibodies, biological response modifiers)
  • Parental nutrition/solutions

Located on the third floor of the Wallace Tower, the Infusion Center’s open bay environment allows nurses to closely monitor each patient. Other features include:

  • scheduled treatments that include preparation and post therapy observation time
  • experienced nurse clinicians who specialize in IV treatments
  • relaxing infusion chairs with TV, DVD and VCR—patients can bring headphones, if desired
  • quick check-in and waiting area inside the clinic

Since infusion therapy is performed on an outpatient basis, patients who are scheduled to take medications during infusion hours should bring their regularly scheduled medications with them.

The Infusion Center is designed to accommodate existing Texas Children’s subspecialist’s patients requiring infusion therapy or stimulation testing. All patients must be under the care of a Texas Children’s subspecialist, who provides the orders for treatment and assumes responsibility for the patient while in the Infusion Center. If you are a physician outside of Texas Children’s Hospital, please refer your patient to a Texas Children’s subspecialist, who will manage the care provided in the Infusion Center. More referral information can be found online.

The family nourishment area is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator–feel free to pack meals or snacks for your visit. Coffee and ice are provided.

Food may be purchased at Bertner Café, McDonald’s or next door to the Infusion Center at the Texas Children's Hospital food court that includes Chick-Fil-A, Express Villa Pizza and the Beanstalk coffee bar.

Patients may bring their own DVDs, video games, books or any items that bring comfort. The Infusion Center has a limited number of movies, games and reading material available for patient/family use.

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