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Organizational Commitment to Family-Centered Care

Texas Children’s believes patients and families are important partners in care and our allies for quality, safety and an optimal patient experience. We are committed to providing patient- and family-centered care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of our population.

The foundation of patient- and family-centered care is a partnership between families and health care professionals. The pillars of patient- and family-centered care include:

Dignity and Respect: the knowledge and expertise of each member of the healthcare team, including that of patients and their families, is respected.  Patient and family knowledge, beliefs, choices and cultural backgrounds are incorporated into the planning and delivery of care.

Information Sharing: communication and information sharing are open and objective so that families can effectively participate in care and decision-making.

Participation: patients and families are supported and encouraged to participate in their child’s care at a level with which they feel comfortable.

Collaboration: patients and families are valued as true partners in care.  They are included on hospital-wide initiatives such as program development and evaluation, facility design or professional education, as well as in the delivery of care.

Our Values

In support of the Texas Children’s mission and vision, the Department of Patient and Family Engagement provides leadership and support of patient-and family-centered concepts through education, advocacy, and programmatic and engagement activities.  Our values of patient- and family-centered care create mutually-beneficial partnerships that enhance quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Patient and Family Engagement

The Department of Patient and Family Engagement aims to enhance communication and strengthen collaboration with patients and families at both the micro (bedside) and macro (organizational) levels. Our Specialists provide education on best practices in family-centered care specific to the Texas Children’s population, and as a key element of our organizational culture. Specialists work to engage patients and families to serve as Advisors on a wide variety of hospital projects, committees, and strategic initiatives, helping ensure the consumer voice is a guiding force in all that we do.

Patient and Family Advisors

Texas Children’s Patient and Family Advisors represent a rich variety of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, diagnoses and hospital/clinical experiences. Patient and Family Advisors, all of whom have direct experience with Texas Children’s, partner with us to help ensure the customer perspective is integrated on hospital projects and initiatives to positively impact quality, safety and optimal health outcomes. Advisors serve on system-wide hospital committees, service-specific advisory groups, focus groups, and provide input on short-term projects. Advisors are volunteers through the Department of Patient and Family Engagement at Texas Children’s.

Contact Us

If you are interested in serving as a Texas Children’s Patient or Family Advisor, please submit a Family Advisor Application. For questions or additional information, contact the Department of Patient and Family Engagement at 832-822-1234 or pfengagement@texaschildrens.org.