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Chief of Service

Dr. Schwabe is the Section Chief of Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Texas Children's Hospital, where she provides care to children with cerebral palsy and other disorders that result in limited function and gait difficulties. Her role allows her to evaluate children in… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 936-267-7777 (The Woodlands) 737-220-8200 (Austin)

Clinic Chief

Clinical Interests:  Spasticity or tone management particularly related to the use of botulinum toxin and intrathecal baclofen therapy in patients with Cerebral palsy and other neurologic disorders; general physical medicine and musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Dy brings a unique focus to the… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106

Medical Director - Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Dr. Niedzwecki has been caring for children with functional disabilities for over 10 years. He sought out specific training to clinically care for children with acquired brain injuries, acquired spinal cord injuries, chronic disabilities, and cerebral palsy.   He has undertaken training in… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 737-220-8200 (Austin)

Medical Director - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Fellows

I believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive and my role as a dually trained pediatric rehabilitation provider is to improve each child’s function and maximize their individual potential. I believe passionately in a team based approach to care and each child, youth, young adult and… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 832-227-2222 (West)

Medical Director - Medical Students; Medical Director - PM&R Electrodiagnostic Laboratory

I believe that it is important first to listen and get to know my patients and their families in order to understand their concerns and goals. Then, working together as a team, we are able to develop informed, customized treatment plans to improve health and quality of life and to maximize the… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 936-267-7777 (The Woodlands) | 281-494-7010 (Sugar Land)

Clinic Physicians

Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 832-227-2222 (West)
Regardless of disability, I always strive to see how we can maximize each child’s function. Every child should have the opportunity to participate in whatever sport or activity they wish to do or enjoy. As a pediatric rehabilitation provider, I believe in a multidisciplinary team approach that… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 832-227-2222 (West) | 936-267-7777 (The Woodlands)
I am a dual-trained physician in pediatric rehabilitation medicine and palliative care. I am committed to providing my patients with high quality and evidence-based care that is also compassionate and patient and family-centered. Having lived and experienced medical education in a few different… read more
Phone: 832-822-1620 (PM&R) | 832-822-7228 (Palliative Care) | 713-839-0164 (Bellaire)
As a dually-trained rehabilitation medicine physician and pediatrician, my goal is to partner with my patients and their families to work towards achieving the best outcomes possible while working with a multidisciplinary team to assure all their needs are met. Every child has their own unique… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 832-227-2222 (West) | 281-469-4688 (Cy-Fair)
I believe in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to patients and value input from all members of the treatment team, especially the patient and family. It is my aim to help patients and families achieve their maximum functional potential and obtain their personal goals. Clinical Interests… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 832-227-2222 (West)
As a pediatric physical medicine & rehabilitation physician, I help children affected by various ailments reach their maximum potential. I guide my patients and their families in making evidence-based decisions that meet their personal and family goals. No two situations are identical and there… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Main) | 281-494-7010 (Sugar Land)
Sharing in decision making about how to manage a child’s physical difficulties requires an understanding of a child’s condition, the existing treatment options, and the realistic goals of the child and family. The best healthcare decisions are made following collaboration with the family and other… read more
Phone: 936-267-7777 (The Woodlands) | 936-321-0808 (SOAR Program) | 281-469-4688 (CyFair)


As a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, Dr. Lara works closely with families in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to achieve the highest potential for every child. “Regardless of the disability or situation, I believe every child deserves the opportunity to live a life of… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106
Dr. Seymour believes that identifying and reaching each child’s functional goals is a journey that requires the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team, and her priority is to guide and equip families in this process.  As a dually-trained physician-scientist, she also seeks to enhance patient care… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106

Advanced Practice Providers

Phone: 832-826-6106
Phone: 832-826-6106
Virginia Morgan, Physician Assistant with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Texas Children’s,  believes that medicine works best when practitioners focus on healing people, not simply treating disease. “In my clinical practice, I aim to treat each child with compassion and dignity while… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106
Ms. Nguyen is committed to providing quality, compassionate, family-centered care to her patients and their families. She strives to work in a collaborative effort to understand, educate and provide tools for the best possible outcome, health and well-being of her patients. “I aim to build a… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106
Phone: 832-826-6106
Amy has always been passionate about caring for children and has spent her entire nursing career thus far at Texas Children’s Hospital. As a former pediatric intensive care nurse and a now a nurse practitioner with physical medicine and rehabilitation, she is an advocate for promoting function and… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106
Ms. Wood believes in care that incorporates all eight dimensions of wellness — physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial and environmental — to enhance and maintain quality of life. “I believe that an essential role of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106

Clinic Manager

Phone: 832-826-6106

Social Workers

My role as social worker is to advocate on behalf of the patient at individual and systemic level when gaps of services are identified. As a social worker one of my primary role is to support the patient and empower the family/caregiver as they navigate the system. My other focus is to make sure… read more
Phone: 832-824-2978
Tory Tigner is focused on improving access to care by reducing barriers and empowering families to ensure that their needs are met. Her intention is to treat each patient and family in a caring and respectful manner, while considering individual differences and diversity of each individual. She… read more
Phone: 832-824-3165

Clinical Support

Karmen Haywood is a nurse coordinator in the Department of Cardiology Texas Children’s Hospital at Texas Children’s Hospital. Predominantly Karmen coordinates all activities related to evaluation and consultation, of patients the diagnosis of anomalous aortic origin of coronary artery; which… read more
With almost 10 years of experience as a rehabilitation nurse, Clinical Nurse Coordinator Carmina Stigliano, BSN, RN, strives to provide a comprehensive, compassionate, patient and family-centered approach to help patients reach their highest potential by focusing on their abilities rather than… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106
Ms. Wilson began her nursing career at Texas Children's Hospital Emergency Center in 2004 before transitioning to the role of Cerebral Palsy Program Coordinator in 2013. She has continued to build a collaboration with the PM&R team to strengthen patient care relationships while organizing… read more
Phone: 832-826-6106 (Clinic) | 832-826-2138 (Direct Line)

Administrative Support

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Brandy Jackson
Phone: 832-826-6106
Morgan Pierannunzi
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Dorothy Rivera
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Jovanny Marcial Ruiz
Phone: 832-826-6106
Kai Summers
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Clinic Physical Therapists

I find joy in working in a team setting to best meet our patients’ needs in a multidisciplinary environment understanding the physical therapist’s role in enhancing each individual patient’s functional independence. Clinical Interests: As Outpatient Coordinator I work closely with leadership and… read more
Phone: 832-826-2121
Phone: 832-826-6106
Phone: 832-826-6106