Refer a Patient Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

If you are a patient, please visit Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for more contact, scheduling, and location information.

Referring Provider Instructions

Our physicians and/or practitioners see individuals 0-21 years of age who are referred from other physicians, community providers, or are self-referred. To refer your patient to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, please complete the following steps.

  1. Complete the online referral form or submit via Texas Children's Link
  1. Provide patient with scheduling instructions
  1. Follow your patients’ care
    Request access or log in to Texas Children's Link, an online provider portal connection to Texas Children’s electronic medical record. With Texas Children's Link, you are able to place and cancel orders and referrals, access patient medical records, view images, receive updates and notifications, and more.

Therapy Orders

Please do NOT use the PM&R Referral Form for therapy orders.
Please fax therapy orders to 832-825-5558.

Referral Guidelines

  • Assessment and management of patients with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions including cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, Rett syndrome, multiple sclerosis/transverse myelitis, torticollis and limb deficiency/amputation
  • Spasticity management using oral medications, neurolytic procedures including Botox; evaluations for surgical interventions such as intratecal baclofen pump therapy/selective dorsal rhizotomy as well as orthopedic surgery with referral to Neurosurgery and Orthopedic departments for surgical consultation
  • Consultations on medications, orthotic and prosthetic devices, therapy prescriptions and adaptive equipment/assistive technology
  • Inpatient consultations for rehabilitative management of patients with post-trauma, post-surgical, or disease-related rehabilitative needs

Need Help?

If you are a referring provider’s office needing referral assistance or a provider needing to speak to an on-call specialist, please contact the Provider Connect team, M-F 8a-5p, excluding holidays:

  1. Phone: 832-TCH-CARE (832-824-2273)
  2. Toll-Free: 877-855-4857
  3. Email: providerconnect@texaschildrens.org