Kidney Transplant Program

Organ Transplant Process

The Transplant Process

Although an organ transplant is a complicated procedure, our transplant coordinators will work with you and your family every step of the way. Here's an overview of what you can expect during the transplant process:

Evaluation Process

The transplant team gains insight into important details, including the child’s need and timing of transplantation, appropriate donor sources, and specific risks and benefits. The pre-transplant management plan will be established after consultation and testing are complete. 

Waiting Process

Learn about the possible length of the waiting period, which depends on the donor matching system, and other timeframes relevant to when a donor organ becomes available. 

Living Kidney Donation

For many children, the best transplant option is to find a living donor. Find out about the requirements to be a living donor and the selection process.

Planning Your Stay

This step has numerous considerations for your temporary relocation to Houston for transplant, such as which family members will be here, living arrangements and insurance coverage.

Life After Transplantation

Learn about the possible length of the patient’s hospital stay and the necessary lifelong follow-up care.