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How Do I Enroll My Child in a Texas Public School?

Steps to Enroll in Public School

  1. Identify your district and school. Every district and school has its own enrollment process.
  2. Complete the district's enrollment packet online or at your child's school.
    • Go to district's enrollment website and create a free account OR go to your child's school office.
    • Fill out the forms and surveys included in the packet:
      • Name, address, and phone number
      • Ethnicity, age and birth date
      • Emergency contact information
      • Home Language Survey
        • Helps schools decide whether a student needs additional language support services
      • Health and Employment Surveys
  3. Submit required documents and records online or in person. It is helpful to gather these documents before starting the enrollment process.
    • Parent identification (for example, driver's license or photo ID)
    • Student identification (for example, birth certificate)
      • Visit the Texas Department of Health Services to order a birth certificate
      • Social Security number
      • If a child does not have a Social Security number, the school will assign a state-approved identification number.
      • Proof of residency (for example, utility bill, deed, or lease agreement)
      • Information about previous schooling (for example, report card)
      • Vaccination records
  4. Learn about other services available for your child. Ask your school about these services:
    • Bus schedules and routes
    • After-school programs
    • Health services
    • Interpretation and translation services
    • Information on how to be involved at school
    • Communication with teachers and the school

Missing Documents or Records

Students can enroll and go to school, even if parents/guardians do not have the above documents.

However, the student's enrollment is considered temporary until all documentation is provided. As a reminder, school staff cannot legally ask about citizenship status.


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