Purpose of Homebound Services

School districts provide homebound services as part of their Special Education or General Education (504) programs. This instructional arrangement/setting is designed for children who have a severe medical or serious chronic health condition, which prohibits participation in the educational program on a school campus. If the student qualifies for the program, the school will assign a certified teacher to work with the child in their home.

Qualification for homebound services

  • Child is confined to home or hospital for at least 4 weeks
    • The weeks need not be consecutive
  • Child is confined at home or hospital for medical reasons only
  • Licensed physician documents the child’s medical condition

What is the homebound services application process?

Talk with your social worker or school coordinator regarding these steps, as they can assist with this process.

  1. Contact the counselor, assistant principal, and/or nurse to request the homebound form.
  2. School or parent sends the homebound form to the medical team.
  3. Medical team completes the medical information section on the form.
  4. Medical team or parent returns form to the school staff coordinating the homebound services.
  5. School holds a meeting and invites the parents/guardians:
    1. Determine eligibility for homebound.
    2. Create/update 504 service plan or IEP, including accommodations and services.
    3. Determine coursework.
    4. Implement weekly schedule for homebound instruction.

Information about homebound services

  • Homebound teacher will meet with your child a minimum of 4 hours a week, usually over two or three days.
  • Teacher brings work to the student, teaches and reviews the material. The teacher will also collect homework and assign new homework.
  • Child will receive instruction in the four main subject areas (Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies).
  • Special Education students should receive services based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Keep the homebound teacher aware of changes in your schedule due to unforeseen medical appointments or illness.
  • Make sure the homebound teacher has clear information about your child’s specific illness and treatment, in order to plan lessons accordingly.
  • For any changes in length of homebound needs, speak to your medical team for required documentation.



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