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In response to COVID-19 pandemic, BIPAI has organized a weekly clinical lead forum with experts from our global network, including our Global Health Corps and Texas Children's Hospital physicians, reviewing emerging literature and case studies to promote the exchange of effective clinical strategies, best practices, and lessons learned.

Note: The date of the presentation is listed. Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the information presented may be outdated or no longer applicable due to new evidence.

Lecture Highlights


Speaker: Heather Haq, MD, MHS Description: The presentation provides a high-level overview of COVID-19 clinical information relevant to BIPAI network sites, with focus on virus basics, transmission, and clinical features.


Speaker: Amy Benson, MD Description: The presentation provides an overview of infection control, personal protective equipment, triage, and adapted work practices to limit exposure.


Speaker: Gia Washington, PhD, ABPP Description: The presentation reviews the dimensions of wellness and factors that can contribute to occupational stress and shares ways individuals can promote positive thinking.


Speaker: Jason Choi, MD; Brigid O’Brien, DO MS Description: The presentation provides guidance on how to evaluate evidence and reviews novel therapies for COVID-19, particularly the ones that have gotten attention in the press.


Speaker: Francesca Basile, MD Description: The presentation discusses useful concepts in clinical virology, laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19, ramping up testing capacity in Africa, and testing as an exit strategy for COVID-19 pandemic.


Speaker: Jaime Petrus, MD Description: The presentation uses two case studies to help prepare for the acute management of moderate or severe COVID-19 patients in the clinic with limited or delayed referral capacity, review current understanding of pulmonary pathophysiology in COVID-19 disease, and discuss options to possibly forestall intubation and basic ventilation strategy.


Speaker: Liane Campbell, MD Description: The presentation discusses the clinical presentation of COVID-19 in children, characteristics of Multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), considerations where COVID-19 testing is limited, and the secondary impact of pandemic on children globally.

October 21, 2020

Delivering Healthcare

Presenter: Jennifer Werdenberg, MD, MPH Pediatric Hospitalist Rice 360 Sr. Global RMNCH Clinical/Technical Advisor


Speaker: Dr. Kajal Hirani, FRACP, MBBS, BSc, DTM&H Description: The presentation highlights the risks to young people living with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic, discusses the measures implemented at various BIPAI sites to mitigate risks, and provides recommendations to improve health care provision to young people. 


Speaker: Kevin McKenzie, MD, MSPH Description: The presentation shares new resources on COVID-19 and provides background on the pathophysiology of COVID-19 with a focus on ACE2, ARDS, lung injury, Thrombosis, kidneys, and other effects. Credit: Virus electron micrographs provided by NIAID-RML.


Speaker: Abida Hasan, MD Description: The presentation reviews COVID-19 and pregnancy, including clinical presentation, clinical management, the effects of pregnancy on COVID-19 and vice versa, and special considerations for pregnancy. The presentation also highlights successful COVID-19 management strategies implemented by the team in Llongwe, Malawi.


Speaker: Maria Elena Bottazzi, PhD Description: The presentation reviews Neglected Tropical Diseases vaccine development over the past 20 years. It addresses the complexities of the vaccine development process and the considerations for global access to a COVID-19 vaccine.


Speaker: Drs. Mimi Abadie and Sarah Perry  Description: The presentation reviews skin anatomy and highlights emerging skin manifestations of COVID-19 described in published studies. It also discusses unintended consequences of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provides suggestions for preventing and treating the conditions that arise.


Speaker: Francesca Basile, MD Description: The presentation discusses the impact of COVID-19 on food security and nutritional status and vice versa and provides diet advice during COVID-19 outbreak in low income countries with special focus on micronutrient supplementation, breastfeeding if the mother is suspected to be COVID-19 positive, and additional considerations on infant and young child feeding in emergencies. It concludes with remarks and strategies for the delivery of nutritional services and care of moderate and severe active malnutrition during lockdown.


Speaker: Jason Choi, MD; Brigid O’Brien, DO MS Description: The presentation provides an update on the new evidence that has emerged since April regarding therapies for COVID-19. It focuses on five therapies: Dexamethazone, Hydroxychloroquine (with/without Azithromycin), Lopinavir/Ritonavir, Remdesivir, and convalescent plasma. 

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