Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine were presenting sponsors of the first virtual Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference from March 12th-14th, 2021. In addition, between March 1st-11th, CUGH hosted 30 free, 3 hour Satellite Sessions on a broad range of contemporary global health challenges.

The conference received record-breaking attendance with 700 posters presented and 1,950 people registered. Individuals from over 100 countries participated in the meetings. In addition over 5,000 people registered for the Satellite Sessions. Attendees shared knowledge, identified new collaborators, and heard cutting-edge information on how to address some of the big challenges we are facing.

Texas Children’s Global Health hosted two plenaries sessions and one satellite session during the conference.

A compendium of scholarly activity related to global health clinical and programmatic work, including peer-reviewed publications, articles, presentations, interviews and other publications.

We have created various clinical protocols and treatment plans that can be made available upon request. Our HIV-specific resources include our 2010 HIV curriculum, adherence curriculum, ARV forecasting tool, and the BIPAI approach toolkit.

Fistula research updates, training manuals, publications, and more.

The BIPAI Network Meeting is an annual conference where individuals across the BIPAI Network come together to share best practices and learn from one another.

Foundations in Global Health is open to the Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine community who are interested in learning more about global health. The formal curriculum was developed to address contextual knowledge on major causes of global child and maternal mortality and program development best practices in the field of global health. There are nine lectures per year and each lecture is coordinated by an expert moderator from the field.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, BIPAI has organized a weekly clinical lead forum with experts from our global network, including our Global Health Corps and Texas Children's Hospital physicians, reviewing emerging literature and case studies to promote the exchange of effective clinical strategies, best practices, and lessons learned.

Note: The date of the presentation is listed. Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the information presented may be outdated or no longer applicable due to new evidence.

MIGHTY is a educational webinar series aimed at teaching trainees about pediatric global health through case reports and expert teaching. Our goal is to create a global community within our specialty to help support and teach our learners.

Texas Children’s Global Health Network leads efforts that advance healthcare equity through innovative collaboration in care, education and research globally.

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