Our Approach

Our Belief


Human beings, including the most vulnerable, deserve access to quality healthcare regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or citizenship.

Our Mission

Texas Children’s Hospital Global Health Network leads partnerships that advance healthcare equity through innovative collaboration in care, education and research globally.

Our Vision

Communities empowered by our partnership will have the tools to build healthier, happier and more prosperous futures.

 How Are We Unique?

We are a network: Our teams are professional problem-solvers who mine the network’s collective wisdom for solutions and collaborate to develop best practices.

We are change agents: By partnering with public and private institutions, leaders and the communities we serve, we catalyze sustainable, transformational change that addresses local health priorities. 

We are many global health leaders: United by our commitment to improve the health of all persons, our network of thought leaders tackle the world’s greatest health challenges with practical skills. 

We know more than healthcare: Network knowledge and technical expertise extend beyond health services delivery and include organizational management, regulatory oversight, accounting, facilities maintenance, public policy, fundraising and more.

We are diverse: Because of our different cultural roots, religious beliefs, and experiences in different settings, we value and cultivate an abiding respect for each other, one that fosters creativity and flexibility in our joint search for smarter, more robust solutions. 

We are resilient: We capitalize on two decades of success navigating economic, political, financial and public health headwinds to achieve unequaled clinical outcomes, compile lessons learned and sustain quality improvement in more than two dozen countries.

We move expertise in many directions: Our relationships with beneficiaries, partners and each other are based on mutual respect, humility and trust. We receive as much knowledge as we impart and are quick to share it network-wide.

We educate tomorrow’s health equity leaders: Ethical learning experiences focused on solving pressing health issues in resource-limited settings prepare our U.S. and overseas learners for a lifelong commitment to equity in access to healthcare and health education.

Our research supports the change we seek: We build capacity within in-country teams to study local problems to improve health processes, outcomes and policies to benefit the communities and populations served.

Core Activities

Multidisciplinary Health Systems Strengthening: Build local capacity through education, training in healthcare delivery, health facilities and personnel management, budgeting and accounting, communications, team building and leadership development.

Clinical Care Support: Provide skilled professionals to support government health initiatives and access to quality care and training.

Public Health Advocacy: Develop site-specific strategies to maximize public health impacts, including participation in health policy, vaccine advocacy and protocol development.

Research: Epidemiologic, basic, translational, operational, clinical and vaccine research, provided three conditions are met: (1) proposed study is approved by a local IRB, (2) interventions and anticipated outcomes affect local health priorities, and (3) capacity building ensures study design, execution, analysis and publication include local scholars as equal contributors.

Texas Children’s Global Health Network leads efforts that advance healthcare equity through innovative collaboration in care, education and research globally.

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