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<p>The BIPAI 22nd Annual Network Meeting</p>


The BIPAI 22nd Annual Network Meeting, the first BIPAI virtual conference, took place November 10-13, 2020. The theme of the conference was Forging Ahead: Maintaining Excellence through Teamwork and Innovation. We came together as a network to learn from one another, overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19, and maintain our clinical and programmatic excellence.

Program Implementation

Building Resources for Philanthropy

The session helps NGOs develop tools and resources that can guide and strengthen marketing and philanthropic efforts.


Global TB – Soaring Past the Horizon

The session provides a brief overview of the Global TB historic platform, introduces new and old team members and spends detailed time discussing the new cross-Network CDC project that will launch at five sub-Saharan African sites in the coming months.


Enhanced collaboration between implementing partners: Baylor-Lesotho & USAID

The priorities of USAID’s OVC program have shifted to focus more on support for children and families living with HIV, which is reflected in the key priority sub-populations that teams are being asked to focus on in COP20. This major change, and others priorities, are discussed during this compelling session.

Presentation - USAID

Presentation - Lesotho

Patient Care

IAS Panel: Highlights and Innovations

This high-impact session provides a synopsis of scientific advancements and clinical innovations presented during IAS 2020.


AIDS 2020

Dolutegravir: still the future of pediatric HIV care?

The session outlines Baylor Botswana's experience with DTG and their plans for expanding usage.


Developing and Maintaining an Outstanding NIH Biosketch

This session discusses the purpose of the NIH Biosketch, reviews the current format of the NIH Biosketch, explains about upcoming format changes, and introduces SciEnCV (online NIH Biosketch building tool).

Additional Resources:

NIH Grants & Funding Glossary

Quality Improvement

The session discusses the Quality Improvement process using a project on Severe Acute Malnutrition in Malawi as an example.


COVID-19 Response & Resiliency

Navigating Ethical Issues in COVID-19

The session examines emerging ethical challenges encountered by BIPAI Network sites during the COVID-19 pandemic, including case-based discussions.

COVID-19 and Vaccine Development

This session discusses the impact of COVID-19 and provides an update on the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine development.

Thriving in the Pandemic and Beyond

This session addresses the topic of wellness by weaving in basic meditation and relaxation techniques for everyday use, discussing issues around anxiety, depression and burnout as related to moral distress, and unpacking compassion and the power of personal connection and team-work.

Additional Resources:

Wellness Champions Video

NY Times Pandemic Diaries

COVID-19 National Response Across the Globe

Panelists who have served on their country’s national COVID-19 response task forces or as front-line COVID-19 healthcare workers share perspectives from their participation. They reflect on how their work with BIPAI prepared them to serve as leaders at the national level for COVID-19 and discuss preparedness planning, prioritization, and protection of vulnerable populations.

Network-wide Community Building

Overcoming NGO Challenges

This session will provide responses from staff around the network to challenges identified by each NGO.

Messages from BIPAI Network Leadership

The session features messages and updates for the BIPAI Network from Baylor College of Medicine, BIPAI, and Texas Children's Global Health leadership.

Executive Director Panel

This session provides reflections from the BIPAI Network Executive Directors on what they are most proud of their teams for over the last year.

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