Winner of the IMSH2020 SimVentor Award, the 2022 ANA Team Innovation Award, and the 2023 Association of Vascular Access PediNeoSig Award for the RediStik® Wearable Trainers 

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RediStik Shoulder Harness


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  • Available in Light and Dark skin tone kits. Also available is a two trainer combined kit that includes one light and one dark skin tone trainer in one bag.
  • This adaptable wearable trainer provides ALL procedural steps:
    • Each Trainer has one large vein and one small “rolling” vein
    • Skin and subcutaneous tissue specially formulated to provide a realistic experience puncturing skin and subcutaneous tissue. When miss you can reposition needle until successfully puncture the vein as in real life.
    • Wearable design – practice positioning 
    • Use on a mannequin, person or tabletop
    • Included shoulder harness holds IV bag with blood, providing great blood flash when entering vein and allows for mobile training. Safe to apply CHG, alcohol and dressings. Cost effective – replaceable vessels included

Use cases for the PIV trainer:

  • Venipunctures with vacutainer blood draws
  • PIV access, including cleaning skin, catheter securement with dressing
  • Arterial line insertion with or without wire
  • Standardized patient for simulation scenarios
  • Infuse fluids (bolus or continuous)
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Neonatal ECMO Cannulation Simulator

The RediStik Neonatal ECMO Cannulation Simulator is a versatile, anatomically accurate simulation training model that enables surgical and perfusion teams to perform of all steps for Neonatal Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) by cutting down through tissue layers, isolate carotid and IJV, cannulate, confirm placement, secure cannula, connection to ECMO circuit and de-cannulation or repair vessels.

Model accommodates VA or VV Cannulas: arterial 8 Fr – 9 Fr, Venous 13 Fr – 15Fr

Neonatal Products and Replacement Options

NeoECMO kit, necks and vessel replacement


Neo ECMO kit, necks and vessel replacement 2