Michael T. Pickett, MSN, APRN, PNP-BC, RediStik® Founder | Lead Inventor

is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) with over 20 years of clinical experience in pediatrics and leading through innovation. In addition to Michael’s fulltime clinical requirements, he has an interest in creating staff-led solutions through videography and user-centered product design, development, and implementation into clinical practice. Michael is the project lead or co-lead in the design, development, and implementation of many innovative products at TCH and continues to actively work on new user-centered designs to fill identified “Needs” in the healthcare space.

Projects Commercialized: Based on a needs assessment from frontline clinicians on skills training tools, The RediStik® Task Trainer series of products was developed in collaboration with Sawbones® and successfully launched in 2021. The novel medical simulation series includes the RediStik® Wearable PIV, CVC, and Port Task Trainers designed by frontline nurses at TCH. The surgical simulation trainer series includes the RediStik® ECMO Cannulation Trainer and the RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer co-designed with surgeons at TCH. A cornerstone to the RediStik® Task Trainer Series and other innovation project successes is adopting a multidisciplinary, user-centered approach to staff-led solutions by collaborating with end users throughout the entire innovation process.

Awards: RediStik Wearables received the International IMSH 2020 SimVentor Showcase Award, 2022 ANA Innovation Team Award, and the 2023 Association of Vascular Access PediNeoSig Award for the RediStik® Wearable Trainers and Michael was the first nurse to trademark and commercialize a new design with Texas Children’s Hospital. Michael has presented the RediStik® Trainers Series at three international conferences highlighting the innovation lessons learned and quality improvement outcomes. Michael received the Good Samaritan Foundation, 2022 & 2018 Excellence in Nursing, Bronze Medalist Award, and the Houston Chronicle 2022 Salute to Nurses Top 150 Nurses. 

Edward P. Buchanan, MD, FACS, FAAP

Edward P. Buchanan, MD is the chief of pediatric plastic surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Chief Surgical Officer for the new TCH Hospital in Austin.  He has a profound interest in making the world of healthcare easier and more beneficial for patients and physicians through innovation and collaboration.  He is currently working on a number of projects as well as collaborating with industry and medical professionals to bring these products to patients.  He has worked with Mr. Pickett to design and develop the RediStik®  Microsurgery Trainer as well as an easy to use infant ear modeling device called NeoEar.  Please reach out for questions or inquiries.  edward.p.buchanan@gmail.com

Dr. Mazziotti is primarily a clinical pediatric surgeon and delivers surgical care to Texas Children's Health Centers in Sugar Land, in addition to his practice at Texas Children's. He has special interest and training in minimally invasive surgery and specialized expertise in pectus excavatum and carinatum repair.  Dr. Mazziotti is also a published medical illustrator. Dr. Mazziotti is certified by the American Board of Surgery in Surgery and in Pediatric Surgery. He has worked with Mr. Pickett and Mr. Burgman to design and develop the RediStik®  ECMO Cannulation Trainer.  Please reach out for questions or inquiries. mvmazzio@texaschildrens.org

Cole Burgman, CCP is the Supervisor of the ECMO Program at Texas Children’s Hospital.  He was a practicing Perfusionist from 2005-2010, and now runs the ECMO program at TCH.  He has a keen interest in simulation and began working with Mr. Pickett to help design the RediStik® ECMO Cannulation Surgical Trainer.  Please reach out for questions or inquiries. cxburgma@texaschildrens.org

RediStik® Wearable Task Trainers: 2016 – commercialized 2021

RediStik® Wearable Task Trainers: 2016 – commercialized 2021


Wearable Collage - RediStik


RediStik® Wearable PIV, Port, and Central Line Trainers
Michael Pickett, MSN, APRN, PNP-BC RediStik® Founder and Lead Inventor
Project Contributors: Nurse educators and nursing leadership, >200 frontline nurses, marketing, legal, entrepreneur and innovation departments.

RediStik Child ECMO Cannulation Trainer: 2020 – commercialized 2022

RediStik Neonatal ECMO Cannulation Trainer: Commercialized 2024

Co-Inventors: Mark Mazziotti, MD, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, Cole Burgman CCP, ECMO Simulation and Michael Pickett, MSN, APRN, PNP-BC, Innovation
Project Contributors: Iki Adachi, MD, Congenital Heart Surgery, and Pediatric General Surgery. 
Texas Children’s Heart Center Funded Project.

The RediStik Child and Neonatal ECMO Cannulation Trainer is a versatile, anatomically accurate simulation training model that enables surgical and perfusion teams to perform of all steps for Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) by cutting down through tissue layers, isolate carotid and IJV, cannulate, confirm placement, secure cannula, connection to ECMO circuit and de-cannulation or repair vessels. 



Dark Tone Neo - RediStik


RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer: 2021 – commercialized 2022

Co-Inventors: Edward Buchanan, MD and Michael Pickett, MSN, APRN, PNP-BC
Project contributors: Division of Plastic Surgery, Hand and Microsurgery

Microsurgery on the RediStik Microsurgery Trainer


RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer is a cost effective and realistic microsurgical trainer that provides surgeons with the ability to practice micro anastomosis of any complexity in different environments. It can be used with an operating microscope or with loupe magnification. Adding this training tool will improve the confidence, efficiency, and complexity of your surgical comfort. This novel trainer was developed in collaboration with Sawbones® and Texas Children's Hospital® - Division of Plastic Surgery, Hand, and Microsurgery.

RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer ordering information:

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