About the RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer

RediStik® Microsurgery Trainer is a cost effective and realistic microsurgical trainer that provides surgeons with the ability to practice microanastomosis of any complexity in different environments. It can be used with an operating microscope or with loupe magnification. Adding this training tool will improve the confidence, efficiency, and complexity of your surgical comfort.

  • compact and portable kit
  • The novel white arterial microvessel tissue emulates real life microvessels when suturing for vessel repairs
  • Vessels can be primed to evaluate repair and flow
  • You can create realistic bleed back during the training
  • Estimated 50 to >100 anastomosis on the micro vessels included in the starter kit
  • The skin and removable muscle layer composition mimics a real patient and has an adjustable wound depth providing advanced training options to further challenge the trainee
  • Use the replacement muscle layers to create a custom wound bed to fit your needs
  • Two surgeons can participate in the procedure at the same time

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RediStik Microsurgery Trainer Co-Inventors:
Edward Buchanan, MD
Design Co-Lead, Education/Innovation Lead
Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery

Michael Pickett, APRN, MSN, CPNP
Design Co-Lead/Innovation Lead
Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Project Contributors:
Christopher Pederson, MD and Edward Reece, MD
Division of Plastic Surgery, Hand and Microsurgery
RediStik Microsurgery Education Co-Leads
Microsurgery Skills Training Video Development