Spiritual Care How Chaplains Can Help

Compassionate Care

24/7 availability for compassionate care: providing listening, inspiration, expressions of hope, assistance with weighing medical decisions and values, encouragement and hope.

Religious Rituals and Observances

  • Blessings and Prayer
  • Baptisms
  • Holy Communion; Sacrament of the Sick
  • Naming Service
  • Muslim Prayer Rugs
  • Shabbat Candles
  • Assistance contacting Local Community Clergy/Faith Leaders

Religious Literature

  • Christian Bibles: English/Spanish/Children’s
  • Tanakh
  • Quran
  • Book of Mormon
  • Baghavad Gita
  • Devotionals
  • Self-Guided Meditation Handouts

Community Clergy Request

When you or your child are in the hospital it is important to us that you are able to experience the support of your own faith community. Clergy are welcome to visit by invitation of the family when a loved one is in the hospital. Please follow the same guidelines as for any other visitor. Our staff chaplains are available to assist them with resources or any special needs during their visit with you. Please have your nurse page the unit chaplain or the chaplain on call.

If you need assistance with contacting community clergy from your own faith group please ask your nurse to page the chaplain on call.