Parents, family members or friends who are interested in donating to Texas Children’s Hospital. Donations are at the heart of the Texas Children’s Hospital as a Community Hospital. The Spiritual Care Department has many projects and offer a lot of services to the patients and their families.

No Crib for a Bed

A donation program that invites faith communities to donate one or more pack n plays plus a baby blanket for low income families or those whose home is without a crib. Often in the EC or PICU we come across families who are sleeping together, have slept all in one bed nightly, and/or are dealing with a co-sleeping injuries or even deaths because of the lack of a crib.  Many low income families sometimes have very poor equipment, if any, for their sleeping children and we are aiming to meet this need to help prevent injuries and in some cases even unnecessary deaths to precious and vulnerable infants.

Spiritual Care Week

At the third week of October the Spiritual Care Department at Texas Children’s Hospital offers many events to introduce the department activities to the patients and their families and distribute a lot of Toys, gifts and held a didactic for all the chaplains at the Texas Medical Center.

Code Mend

Use of special tea cart for encouragement, support, and refreshment time for staff after difficult or traumatic situations. We offer this service in all our units at different times.

Donations can be contributed to the Spiritual care Department at Texas Children’s Hospital in a number of ways. For example, donations can be allocated for a specific cause (Project), in honor of a patient, or for the gifts and give a ways.