Neurocritical Care

Neuro-Intensive Care Unit

The Pediatric Neuro-Intensive Care Unit at Texas Children's Hospital is a 12-bed state-of-the-art fully equipped intensive care unit with advanced neuro-monitoring capabilities. The unit houses a critical care epilepsy monitoring unit with in-house EEG technologists reviewing studies in real-time 24/7 in association with subspecialty trained epileptologists.  The monitoring unit is specifically designed for critical care continuous EEG monitoring (CEEG) using hard-wired EEG equipment with video monitoring. There is a dedicated family area in each room so family members can remain close to their loved one and participate in family-centered patient care rounds. The operating rooms for neurosurgical patients are located one floor below the neuro-intensive care unit with an in-suite MRI scanner within the operating room for immediate intra-operative MRI scans.

Family-centered multi-disciplinary rounds occur daily in the pediatric neuro-intensive care unit including representatives from the critical care team, the neurocritical care consult team, the neurosurgery team, the bedside nursing team, and pharmacy promoting a collaborative approach to patient care.