We treat infants, children and adolescents with complex medical conditions who continue to struggle with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) after interventions such as ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery and positive airway pressure (PAP) machine/mask therapy. We also help children whose underlying conditions cause OSA, including:

  • Achondroplasia
  • Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Craniofacial abnormalities
  • Down syndrome
  • Laryngomalacia
  • Pierre Robin sequence
  • Skeletal dysplasia
  • Undersized jaw syndrome (micrognathia)


Treatment options we provide

ENT Surgery

  • Drug-induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) — a procedure to help determine the best surgical approach for your child
  • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation — an implanted device that stimulates the cranial nerve controlling tongue movement
  • Other soft tissue ENT procedures

Plastic Surgery/Dental Procedures

  • Bimaxillary advancement — double jaw surgery
  • Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (SARPE) — a technique that expands the maxillary arch (upper jaw bone)

Non-surgical treatment

  • Medication
  • Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Therapy — mask fitting and psychological intervention that helps increase the patient’s use of the PAP device