Our Team

Program Director

Dr. Silva was recruited in 2017 from the University of Florida to direct the Ear and Hearing Center, which includes the multidisciplinary programs for Cochlear Implantation and care of children with Microtia and Aural Atresia. His main focus is the medical and surgical care of ear diseases in… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 281-494-7010 (Sugar Land) | 281-661-4858 (THI)

Associate Program Director

I believe in personalized and patient-centered care for pediatric patients.  Each child has their own medical issues and I will use my clinical and research expertise to offer individualized and unparalleled quality care in the least invasive way.  Under my care you will benefit from innovative and… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 832-227-1420 (West)


Dr. Drob’s passion and focus is primarily centered around pediatric cochlear implantation and providing clinical services through evidence based practice. 
Phone: 832-822-3249