Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program

<p>Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program</p>

As one of the only pediatric iron disorders program in the country, we treat iron-related blood cell abnormalities, as well as other nutritional anemias through comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. 

The Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program specializes in the treatment of disorders caused by the two extremes of iron balance – deficiency (too little) or excess (too much), both of which have serious long-term impacts on health and health-related quality of life. We additionally see a variety of nutritional anemias that can affect the blood, including vitamin B12 and copper.

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians and staff (including nutritionists, social workers, and research coordinators) sees children for initial diagnosis, treatment, ongoing care, and follow-up until resolution. Expertise in iron disorders with wide availability of laboratory evaluation and treatment options allows our team to take a patient-centered, shared-decision-making approach for your child.

Evaluation and Treatment

Our program offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art care, thorough evaluation and diagnosis, and access to all standard, as well as novel therapies in clinical trials.

Treatment options for iron deficiency include oral iron therapy, including the utilization of a low-dose approach to minimize side effects and improve adherence. We also have substantial experience and expertise in administering intravenous iron therapy for patients with severe, long-standing or complex cases of iron deficiency.

Treatment options for iron overload, if indicated, include phlebotomy and iron chelation.

Clinical Trials and Novel Therapies

The Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program conducts both prospective observational and clinical trial research for children and adolescents with iron deficiency anemia. All patients are considered for eligibility to participate in research studies, which are developed to improve our understanding and care of children with iron deficiency anemia.


The mission of our research program is to foster and promote basic, translational, and clinical research collaborations in the area of iron and nutritional disorders. The Iron Disorders and Nutritional Anemias Program is dedicated to integrating laboratory and clinical research to increase our understanding of iron disorders and to identify the most effective treatment strategies for each group of affected patients.

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