To date, variations in 70 different genes can cause severe obesity. While they account for a small proportion (1-5%) of the patients with obesity, they are likely underdiagnosed. Most of these disorders present with severe obesity in children before 5 years of age. Early-onset obesity is distressing for both patient’s families as well as pediatricians who are worried about possible genetic causes but do not have the training or tools to perform diagnostic testing. 

The Genetic Disorders of Obesity Program (GDOP) is a new initiative in the Endocrine Division of Texas Children’s Hospital which opened in April, 2019. The GDOP provides evaluation and testing for children with severe obesity which started before 5 years of age. Patients are assessed by an endocrinologist and geneticist and comprehensive evaluation is performed for possible genetic or other metabolic disorders.

The vision of the GDOP is to grow into a world-class center of excellence which integrates clinical care and research and provides a place for discovery of new answers for families both from diagnosis and treatment aspects.

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