Genetic Disorders of Obesity Program

The Genetic Disorders of Obesity Program (GDOP) was created to help provide answers to families who have children who have struggled with weight gain from a very early age (prior to 5 years of age).  For some of these children, their weight struggles may be due to changes in their genetic code (the DNA code that informs the body how to develop and function). 

The center is designed to provide a thorough workup for children who have early-onset obesity, increasing their risk for genetic causes of obesity.  Thus, any child who has had a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than the 99th percentile from before age 5 is eligible to attend.  All patients will see a pediatric endocrinologist (Dr. Stephanie Sisley) and a pediatric geneticist (Dr. Claudia Soler-Alfonso) on their first visit.  Most patients will have blood tests drawn for further testing. 

Patients who have genetic causes of obesity are very rare.  However, they have very special needs and there is little known about how to best treat them.  Thus, along with multidisciplinary care, the GDOP is building a research program to better address these needs.


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