Obesity and Weight Management

It surprises many people that obesity and overweight in children are becoming more and more commonplace, related to unhealthy lifestyle patterns in schools, families, and communities.

Texas Children’s Hospital Weight Management and Nutrition Programs provide options to support the community and health care providers in caring for patients with weight management needs.

The goals of Texas Children’s Hospital weight management experts are:

  • to assist overweight and obese children and adolescents and their families in taking care of medical conditions related to extra weight
  • to address the emotional and self-esteem issues of children and adolescents with weight management concerns
  • to help overweight and obese children and their families create permanent lifestyle changes for improved health, overall well-being and to improve weight.

We recognize that the goals and challenges of each patient and family are different. That’s why we offer a variety of multidisciplinary and family-centered support programs to fit the diverse needs of each of our patients and families. With a strong, positive attitude and willingness to change, our programs help educate and give the support needed for successful weight loss and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.