Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Brain Electrical Source Analysis

The Scalp EEG measures micro-currents from the Brain that are significantly amplified to produce waveforms and epileptiform activity from electrodes placed on the scalp. Activity going on in deeper structures may therefore be less obvious or impossible to see prior to spread of the activity to other brain regions. The Source Analysis is therefore often helpful in determining the area involving in seizure onset or around which the seizure originates.

Before Source Analysis

No new procedures will be required other than the initial placement of the EEG while in the EMU.  This does not take any extra time or effort from your child. All of the information can be retrieved from your child’s EEG.

During Source Analysis

A special technique called source localization aims to even more precisely localize the electric currents within the brain where the seizures originate. Based on the information received on the scalp EEG, special computer based analysis may determine this seizure source (Source Analysis). This is spearheaded by Board-Certified Epileptologists and Neurophysiologists trained specifically to interpret this data.

After Source Analysis

The Source Localization will be presented along with a compilation of other results during a weekly Epilepsy Conference. Based on this, and other results, surgical and non-surgical decisions are made.