Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Colorectal and Pelvic Health Doctor

Choosing the right medical provider to treat your child’s colorectal and pelvic condition is key to a successful recovery. Here are the top questions you should ask before choosing a doctor to treat your child.

Having a bowel management program is important to your child’s full recovery from a disorder of the colon or rectum. Even after corrective surgery, many of these types of rare conditions require long term follow-up and additional therapies to help your child gain and maintain fecal continence. A bowel management team specializes in helping children overcome constipation or incontinence (accidents) to gain the confidence and mobility they need.

Many disorders of the colon and rectum are complex, involving the entire pelvis including the urinary tract and internal sex organs and genitals. Physicians from multiple disciplines, including urology, general surgery, gynecology and gastroenterology, must work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for these rare conditions. 

Congenital disorders of the colon and pelvic region are extremely rare and complex. Some doctors may have little-to-no experience treating these types of conditions. At Texas Children’s Hospital, our colorectal and pelvic health surgeons are experts in the field with years of experience treating anomalies of the colon and rectum.