Cardiovascular Genetics Program

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Phone: 832-824-3278 - new referrals

Program Overview

Our Cardiovascular Genetics Program is a collaborative of Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Genetic Counselors and Nurses who provide advanced diagnostic and longitudinal care to families with cardiovascular conditions that may be genetically mediated. We also actively lead and work in partnership with several national and international research initiatives and connect patients with opportunities to participate in active studies. Also, given that our team includes pediatric and adult care, we can offer lifelong care for entire families with shared conditions.

What does a Cardiovascular Genetics team do? 

  • Help families understand why their child has a heart condition 
  • Coordinate testing for other family members who may be affected 
  • Provide both consultation and longitudinal care 
  • Ensure that children and families with rare genetic conditions are receiving the most up-to-date, cutting edge care 
  • Assist families in research enrollment 

What Happens during a first-time visit? 

  1. The patient is referred from a primary provider, other specialist, or self 
  2. The family works with our nurse coordinator to collect imaging, genetic testing, and other records. We will also help coordinate other visits if needed, especially for patients travelling long distances 
  3. The first visit is with a provider plus a genetic counselor 
  4. We perform thorough medical history, physical exam, coordinate necessary genetic testing, provide cardiovascular care recommendations, and communicate this with the referring physician 
  5. When indicated, we will assist in aiding evaluation of at-risk family members

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