Texas Children’s Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine provides a range of services including general anesthesia, cardiovascular anesthesia, sedation services and pain management. Our anesthesiologists work closely with surgeons, radiologists and other physicians to provide the most appropriate, evidence-based care for each child. More than 34,000 anesthesia cases, ranging from simple outpatient sedation procedures to complex 12-hour-plus surgeries, are completed every year by our team of dedicated pediatric anesthesiologists.

Pediatric anesthesiology has a renowned reputation for providing excellent perioperative services and acute pain management to children at Texas Children's Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country and an affiliate of Baylor College of Medicine. We are proud of our long history of commitment to excellence in pediatric patient care, research and education. The unique blend of expertise and skills enables our team to safely deliver anesthesia for surgery in patients ranging from the smallest fetus with a life-threatening condition to the young adult with any of the numerous childhood ailments. The faculty members of our divisions are board-certified in anesthesiology with specialty training in pediatrics from the top programs in the nation.

In addition to general anesthesia administered in the operating room, Texas Children's Hospital offers sedation services to minimize pain and anxiety for your child during procedures outside of the operating room. We provide different levels of sedation to personalize the care for your child, from simple anxiety relief to general anesthesia. We are partners with you to create the best possible experience for your child during your visit to Texas Children's Hospital. 

Children who undergo heart procedures here are monitored by a cardiovascular anesthesiology team that specializes in pediatric congenital heart disease. The primary role of our cardiac anesthesiology team is to administer anesthetics to ensure your child is asleep and has no awareness during surgery. Our team monitors more than 20 different functions of the child’s body including blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood, your child's temperature, heart function and the levels of anesthetic agents.

The Pain Medicine Division of the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology offers multidisciplinary, comprehensive pain treatment services for patients hospital-wide with a diverse range of pain concerns.

The CHARIOT team helps patients cope by capturing their imaginations and drawing attention away from stressful situations. They do this in several ways, including using technology similar to smartphones and tablets that most children enjoy, and many are already familiar with.

PASS Clinic is an anesthesiology service made up of anesthesiologists, experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work with surgeons to identify and manage a patient’s health concerns prior to surgery.