PASS Clinic

It is important that every patient is as healthy as possible before having surgery. In the Pediatric Anesthesia Screening Service – or PASS Clinic – we prepare patients for a safer surgical experience.

What is PASS Clinic?

PASS Clinic is an anesthesiology service made up of anesthesiologists, experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work with surgeons to identify and manage a patient’s health concerns prior to surgery.

Who is referred to PASS Clinic?

Any patient who has one or more conditions that may increase health risks during anesthesia or surgery. A patient’s surgeon will identify these conditions when the decision is made to have surgery. The PASS Clinic visit gives the Anesthesia Team an opportunity to evaluate the patient before surgery and make sure all testing and health questions are answered. 

What to expect during a PASS Clinic appointment?

The PASS team will review the patient’s medical history, perform a physical exam, identify any issues that may need to be settled prior to surgery, and answer any questions. Lab work or additional tests may also be ordered at this visit. All of this work is done to make sure that surgery can be done as safely as possible.

How to schedule a PASS Clinic appointment?

All appointments for the PASS Clinic are made by the surgeon’s office. The appointment is usually made when the surgery is scheduled.

PASS Clinic cancellation and rescheduling

Please call the PASS Clinic at 832-824-5900 to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Appointments should be scheduled 7-14 days prior to surgery whenever possible.