Salute to Champions Past Champions

Salute to Champions Past Champions

Ken and Mady Kades 
Sharleen and Ron Walkoviak 
Stephanie and Frank Tsuru 
Betty and Jess B. Tutor 

Maria Moncada Alaoui 
Cheryl Byington 
Zane and Brady Carruth 
Tama Lundquist and Dr. Peter Farrell 
Elia Gabbanelli 
Connie Kwan-Wong 
Rania and Dr. Ramy Mankarious 
Kim and Dan Moody, III 
Jo Ann Petersen 
Susan Peterson 
Jennifer Sanders, Vice President, Texas Children's Hospital 
Judge Clarease Yates and Cary Yates

Ginger Blanton
Twila Carter
Valerie and Tracy Dieterich
Marla and Matthew Hurley
Kisha and Jason Itkin
Myrtle Jones
Dr. Kelly Larkin and Fernando Parra
Duyen and Marc Nguyen
Henry Richardson and Monsour Taghdisi
Gina and Saib Saour
James Versalovic, MD, PhD
Jackie Ward, DNP, RN, NE-BC
Laura and Jason Williams

Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer
Gwen and Ed Emmett
Carolyn Faulk and Pat Studdert
Gayla Gardner and Dr. Donald Gardner
Maha and Omar Saeed Khan
Kelley and Stephen Lubanko
Dr. Will Parsons
Amy and Rob Pierce
Hallie Vanderhider
Vicki West and Ralph Burch
Beth Wolff

Sidney and Don Faust

Dr. Susan Blaney
Sippi and Ajay Khurana
Ann and John Bookout
Shawntell and Keith McWilliams
Stephanie and Ernest Cockrell
Kristina Somerville
Nancy and Jack Dinerstein
Leticia and Stephen Trauber
Carol and Phil Garner
Stephanie and Frank Tsuru
Glenda and Russell Gordy
Laura and Dave Ward
Brigitte and Bashar Kalai
Rini and Edward Ziegler

Kristy and Chris Bradshaw
Penny and John Butler
Mary and John Eads
Linda and Mark Evans
Tena and Tyson Faust
Winell and Doug Herron
Lisa McCoy
Christie and Billy McCartney
Hannah and Cal McNair
Dr. David G. Poplack
Diane and John Riley
Kathi and Bill Rovere
Courtney and Christopher Sarofim

Joe and Cathy Cleary
Jo and Jim Furr
Diane and Harry Gendel
Susan and Dick Hansen
Betty and John Hrncir
Mady and Ken Kades
Carmen and Butch Mach
Joanna and Brad Marks
Trini Mendenhall
Macy and Mayes Middleton
Sharon and Douglas Owens
Nathalie and Charles Roff
Lindy and John Rydman
Sharleen and Ron Walkoviak
Dancie and Jim Ware
Jane and Jim Wise
Dr. Timothy Porea

Barbara Lowrie and Henry Brooks
Jo Lynn and Gregg Falgout and daughters Christine and Kimberly
Doe and Henry Florsheim
Mary and Tony Gracely
Nancy R. Calles and Dr. Mark W. Kline
Barbara and Ulyesse LeGrange
Penny and Paul Loyd, Jr.
Shelby Hodge and Shafik Rifaat
Alicia and Lance Smith
Tiffany and Rick Smith
Elizabeth and Alan Stein
Betty and Jesse Tutor
Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff

Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Susan and Daniel Boggio
Maria and Neil Bush
Gina and Jon Carroll
Liz and Brian Ching
Soraya and Scott McClelland
Lisa and Michael O’Leary
Lauren Freeman and Dr. Forrest Roth
Dr. Jennifer Segal and Justin Segal
Dr. Stephen Simko
Lisa and Jerry Simon
Phoebe and Bobby Tudor
Phyllis and Cornel Williams

Dr. Susan Blaney
Dr. Murali Chintagumpala
Donna and Robert Bruni
Beth Madison
Carolyn and Mike Mann
Dr. Parth Mehta
Susan Rafte
Sue and Lester Smith
Jane Weiner
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson
Melissa Wilson
Merele Yarborough

Denise and Philip Bahr
Gina and Dr. Devinder Bhatia
Greggory and Patrick Burk
Martin and Kelli Cohen Fein, MD
Melanie Lawson and John Guess
Lisa and Michael Holthouse
Y. Ping Sun and David Leebron
Cora Sue and Harry Mach
Sybil Roos and daughters:
Cathey Cook
Ginger Bertrand
Betsy Garlinger
Anita and Gerald Smith
Judy and Glenn Smith

Rudy Avelar 
Yvonne C. Cormier
Claire Cormier Thielke
Rose Cullen
Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer
Jan Duncan
Kathy Cullen McCord
Jennifer McCord
Janice and Robert McNair
Nidhika Mehta
Melissa and Michael Mithoff
Alice Mosing
Claire Cormier Thielke