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At Texas Children's, we are committed to transparency and want to educate you, our patient families, regarding our billing process and your financial obligations. Below are frequently asked questions on billing at Texas Children's.

Outpatient Facility Fee FAQs

A facility fee represents the hospital facility, services and supplies utilized during an outpatient hospital-based clinic visit. This includes hospital labor, equipment, technology and supplies.

A hospital-based clinic is an outpatient department owned and operated by the hospital that provides both professional and hospital services. These clinics may be located within proximity to the hospital in a medical office building, or away from the hospital in the community.

Most of our specialty care clinics are hospital-based clinics because they are licensed as outpatient departments of the hospital.

Texas Children’s Pediatrics (TCP) and Texas Children’s Urgent Care (TCUC) are licensed ambulatory locations and are not subject to these fees.

Telehealth/video visits and specialty care services provided in Texas Children's Pediatrics and Texas Children's Urgent Care practices.

Health plans assign benefits to patients based on the plan that an individual selects during an open enrollment period. Patient out-of-pocket responsibilities are dictated by these assigned benefits.

Good faith estimates are provided by Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) prior to an appointment to provide transparency on how your health plan benefits may impact your out-of-pocket. You will receive this through MyChart or email.

If a patient sees more than one Texas Children's Hospital provider in the same hospital-based clinic, the patient receives only one facility fee charge.

Appointments at multiple Texas Children's Hospital hospital-based clinics on the same day are subject to separate facility fee charges.

Additional Resources

We’re dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout your journey, providing a variety of resources to inform you along the way. If you have additional questions regarding billing, please reach out to our resources below.

Pre-Service (Estimates)
(832) 824-2004

Customer Service (Billing)
(832) 824-2300 or (800) 722-2570 
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

Family Advocacy
(832) 824-1919