Transition Medicine

EPIC Transition Planning Tool

The Texas Children’s Hospital transition planning tool (TPT) available on EPIC

A wide range of health care providers now have access to an electronic medical record-based transition planning tool (TPT) developed by Dr. Al Hergenroeder and the transition team at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. Any clinician with access to EPIC can download this readiness assessment to start the process. The transition team at Texas Children’s Hospital offers training and technical assistance for anyone interested in using the tool.

The TPT allows providers to assess patients’ knowledge, skills and ability to manage their health as adults. The tool includes the ability to track a patient’s responses to transition readiness questions, access patient handouts and educational materials and view a summary of past responses. The format is general enough to be used by a wide range of clinicians including physicians, nurses, dietitians and social workers.

The tool is currently being used by many leading institutions including the University of San Francisco Medical Center, Mayo Clinic Long Beach, Colorado Children’s Hospital, Baylor Scott & White Children’s Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Please contact Blanca Sanchez-Fournier at besanche@texaschildrens.org to learn more about our Transition Tool on EPIC and available training programs.