Transition Medicine

<p>Transition Medicine</p>

The years when children mature into adulthood can be an exciting, yet uncertain time. While we help our children with several aspects of preparing for life as an adult, often health care can be overlooked. Since 2004, Texas Children’s Hospital has been addressing this gap in care.

Simply put, transition medicine is the journey from pediatric to adult health care, which typically occurs when patients are 18-21 years old. 

The Transition Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital is designed to walk with patients on the path to adulthood, based on personalized needs. The program is intended to assist all teens including those with manageable conditions and patients with complex medical diseases.

The evidence-based plan includes three phases of transition, including Readiness, Handoff and Transfer.


Clear, safe communication early in the transition process allows for plenty of time to prepare. For some patients, readiness conversations will begin as early as age 14, and every diagnosis will require a personalized timeline and plan.


Coordinated collaboration between a patient’s current pediatrician and future adult provider, allows for opportunities to resolve any questions and ensure continuity of care.


A successful transfer is achieved when the commencement of care with a new, adult provider leaves no surprises for patient or physician. 

Our goal is to help all children transition their healthcare to adult providers in an efficient, effective manner and provide the foundation for a healthy start to adulthood.

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To learn more about the Transition Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital, please contact TransitionMed@texaschildrens.org.