Why Texas Children's

<p>Why Texas Children's</p>

Hearing that your child needs surgery is a scary experience for parents. Knowing where to turn can make all the difference. Texas Children’s Hospital attracts patients from around the world seeking the best possible surgical care – for everything from the most common conditions to the most complex.

For over 60 years, we have furthered our mission to improve survival and quality of life for children by pioneering innovative surgeries and therapies, integrating surgical excellence into our nationally ranked programs.

Trusted Surgical Care for Children, Renowned Support for Families

Size and Scope – Texas Children’s Hospital has the largest group of pediatric surgeons in the U.S. with 130 surgeons, approximately 130 advanced practice providers and 800 staff members across three hospital locations. This expansive team conducts approximately 32,000 surgeries, including over 100 solid organ transplants, each year across 40 state-of-the art OR theaters.

Recognition – We are proud to have six specialties ranked among the top three in the nation by U.S.News & World Report, including #1 programs in pediatric cardiology/heart surgery and pulmonary care. The only hospital in Texas on U.S. News & World Report’s prestigious Honor Roll, we were ranked among the top 10 in all 10 specialties evaluated in the survey.

Outcomes – Not only are we proud to have among the best outcomes in our field, we are proud to be one of the leading hospitals in the nation when it comes to sharing complete and accurate quality and safety data. Our transparency helps keep you informed so that you can choose the best care for your child and helps us stay focused, as we continuously strive for excellence.

Research – Each year we apply for approximately $25 million in federal and foundation research proposals, deliver 300 research-related presentations to the medical community and contribute to over 600 clinical and surgical publications.

Teamwork – As one of the largest children’s hospital’s in the nation with every pediatric subspecialty available, and as a national and international referral center for many of the most complex cases in pediatrics, multidisciplinary teams are the norm in our operating rooms. The Department of Surgery has a large number of programs set up to deliver multidisciplinary care, with groups of three, four or more specialties consulting on each individual patient.

Resources – Our dedication to patients and families is evident in the large number of people we employ to provide care, as well as our new state-of-the-art facilities that allow for the most advanced technology and enhanced comfort and safety features. In addition, we focus on outreach and engagement with families, with multiple support groups, family advocacy teams, events and other resources directly aimed at helping patient families navigate through diagnoses, surgeries, recovery and more.

Innovation – Since our earliest days, Texas Children’s has been known for pioneering surgical procedures, from the first infant heart transplant to first-of-its-kind fetal interventions to our neurosurgeons pioneering a laser ablation surgery for epilepsy and heralding in a new era of intraoperative MRI technology. We continue invest in patient-driven technology solutions, such as those that provide real-time surgical updates for families, telehealth visits for routine surgical follow-up appointments and true online self-scheduling for patients.