Skull Base Program

Skull base diseases include noncancerous and cancerous tumors and other conditions at the bottom of the skull, just behind the eyes and nose. At Texas Children’s Hospital, doctors and providers in the Skull Base Program offer exceptional care for children with these complex conditions. Our highly skilled team has experience in sophisticated testing and delicate procedures to diagnose and treat skull base diseases in infants, children and teens.

Skull base conditions we treat

The skull base is an intricate area where five bones come together to form a bony shelf to support the brain and separate it from the eyes, nasal cavities, ear canals and upper neck. Tumors and other conditions in the skull base develop near critical brain structures, the top of the spinal cord, major nerves and blood vessels, making it a delicate area for treatment. Learn more about the skull base conditions we treat.

Multispecialty team of highly skilled experts

The skull base team at Texas Children’s brings together doctors, surgeons and other providers from several specialties, combining their expertise for comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Our team includes specialists in neurosurgery, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), oncology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, plastic reconstructive surgery, neuroradiology, interventional radiology and more. We also have genetic counselors, social workers, child life specialists, therapists and psychologists to support you and your family throughout your child’s course of treatment.

Nationally recognized pediatric skull base program

Our program was the first pediatric program in the country to receive recognition as a Multidisciplinary Team of Distinction from the North American Skull Base Society. This designation demonstrates our commitment to multispecialty care to address every aspect of skull base conditions and treatments.