Skull Base Program

Texas Children’s Skull Base Program has a multidisciplinary team of physicians committed to providing exceptional, comprehensive care for pediatric patients with skull base lesions.

Standard of Care

A smiling boy in a hospital bed.

Skull base diseases are rare and complex, especially in children. The dedicated, multidisciplinary team of pediatric experts in the Skull Base Program at Texas Children’s are uniquely equipped to care for children with growths or tumors in or near the base of the skull.

There are specific challenges in treating skull base lesions at every stage of a child’s growth. Not only is a child’s skull small, it is continually developing and growing. Each member of the Texas Children’s skull base program –  the neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists (ENT), ophthalmologists, oncologists, endocrinologists and plastic surgeons –  is highly experienced in identifying, diagnosing and treating skull-based conditions. They understand the long-term effects these treatments may have on a child. The team works together with the family to provide the best possible outcome for each child.  

In addition to our clinical staff, our program also has genetic counselors, social workers, child life specialists, therapists and psychologists who can help patients and families adjust to day-to-day activities throughout their journey.


The skull base program at Texas Children’s Hospital is the first pediatric program in the country recognized as a Multidisciplinary Team of Distinction by the North American Skull Base Society (NASBS). This designation is based on meeting NASBS membership criteria and may not be construed as a medical referral.

Multidisciplinary Team of Distinction badge from North American Skull Base Society