Division of Community Pathology

The Division of Community Pathology was created in 2016 to focus on patient care needs in the community hospital setting. Our teams at West Campus and The Woodlands campus must handle geographically distributed points of care, while maintaining close ties to the department and the hospital at our Texas Medical Center campus.

Laboratories and point-of-care testing at each campus provide the necessary spectrum of patient testing to support ambulatory and hospital-based care including chemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood banking, coagulation and anatomic pathology services. Outpatient Phlebotomy centers at each campus provide support to pediatric practices throughout the local communities ensuring that patients encounter dedicated staff for the collection of laboratory specimens.

In addition, West Campus is home to a BL3 laboratory within the state-of-the-art Special Isolation Unit for patients with communicable diseases demanding the utmost in specialized care.