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Outpatient Services

  • Pain & symptom management
  • Patient & family coping
  • Advance care planning
  • Assistance with medical decision making
  • Care coordination with other services and community partners

Contact Information

PACT offers appointments via Telemed or can coordinate appointment same day as primary and subspecialty clinic visits
  • PACT Office: 832-822-PACT (7228)
  • Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 PM (Monday - Friday)

To request a consult or to schedule an appointment, please call the PACT office.

Additional Resources

Main/West & Woodlands Campus

I believe in a patient and family-centered model of clinical care and rely on an interdisciplinary team to deliver care that is holistic so that every child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs are addressed. In an effort to provide the highestquality care, I have pursued specialized… read more
Phone: 832-822-7228
Melody Hellsten is an experienced pediatric oncology and pediatric hospice nurse practitioner who has been board certified as a hospice and pediatric palliative care nurse.  She specializes in pediatric palliative care and is a member of the Palliative Care Program at Texas Children's Hospital.… read more
Phone: 832-822-7228
I am passionate about providing comfort and enhancing quality of life for children with chronic and life limiting conditions. I enjoy working in two sections that allow me to focus on helping children live better for longer. Clinical Interests: I like teaching effective communication skills for… read more
Phone: 346-257-9942 (Direct Line) | 832-822-7228 (Clinic)
My goal is to continue to advance the field of pediatric palliative care. My passion is to lessen the burden for these children and their families through a holistic approach. Pain and symptom management is essential for the best quality of life during acute and chronic illnesses, and I am honored… read more
Phone: 832-822-5519 (Clinic) | 832-822-7228 (Direct Line)
I believe each child and family deserves holistic and personalized care. I love working with an interdisciplinary team to ensure that physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed as we walk with families facing serious illnesses. I am also an ethicist, and seek to support patients… read more
Phone: 832-822-7228
Supporting an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to pain and symptom management is one of the cornerstones to good pediatric palliative care. As a nurse practitioner I see my role as a clinician and educator in managing pain and other distressing symptoms during the course of a child’s illness… read more
Phone: 832-826-8047
Empowering patients and families by embracing a compassionate approach. I advocate and provide support by, utilizing education to assist with the decision making process of goals of care and help with the navigation of palliative and community resources. I value patient- family centered care,… read more
Phone: 832-822-7228
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou
Phone: 832-822-7228