Specialty Contact Lens Clinic 

The Specialty Contact Lens Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital provides a comprehensive  home for patients experiencing aphakia after surgery for the following conditions:

  • Congenital cataracts
  • Infantile cataracts
  • Pediatric cataracts
  • Persistent fetal vasculature or primary hyperplastic persistent vitreous
  • Traumatic cataracts
  • Other causes of aphakia

Contact lenses are a mainstay in the treatment of certain pediatric medical conditions of the eye. Because children’s eyes are so small and still growing, an intraocular lens cannot be implanted after cataract surgery in some cases. In some situations, trauma prevents an intraocular lens implant from being placed and a contact lens is required after surgery. For other patients, the anatomy of the eye prevents an intraocular lens implant from being placed. Contact lens fitting is a critical and highly specialized step in the management and rehabilitation of the eye in these situations.

What makes our program unique?

For the first time, evaluation and fitting for aphakic contact lenses is available at Texas Children’s Hospital, providing enhanced, streamlined care and assisting families in seamlessly shifting between Ophthalmology and Optometry. Having an optometrist skilled in fitting these patients and working closely with the ophthalmic surgeon allows patients to fit into their contact lens more quickly after surgery. Having contact lens options onsite also allows the patients to initiate earlier treatment of amblyopia and rehabilitation after surgery, allowing for better visual outcomes. In addition, patients will have access to a skilled optometrist as they learn to insert and remove contact lenses.

What should you expect?

Patients should expect their first visit to take at least 2 hours. During the  initial visit, they may receive an aphakic contact lens, be trained in the insertion  and removal technique for aphakic contact lenses, and receive education in the  care of the contact lenses. Patients may also have their contact lens(es) adjusted  for power and fit.

How to schedule your appointment?

To schedule your preliminary evaluation, please call 832-822-3230. The Specialty Contact Lens Clinic is located at Texas Children’s Hospital  in the Texas Medical Center in the Mark A. Wallace Tower.