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Make a Difference

The Promise Campaign will expand our care to more children, and offer comfort to the people who love them.

Children from around the world who need surgical treatment for eye disorders and plastic surgery of the eyes visit Texas Children's Ophthalmology Division. The most common problem corrected with surgery by our ophthalmologists is strabismus, which is an eye muscle imbalance commonly known as crossed eyes, lazy eyes or wandering eyes. Both children and adults are surgically treated for strabismus by the physicians at Texas Children's Hospital.

The Ophthalmology Division includes experts in:

  • Craniofacial abnormalities
  • Droopy eyelids (ptosis)
  • Glaucoma
  • Neurologic eye disorders
  • Ophthalmologic plastic surgery
  • Orbital problems (diseases of the eye socket)
  • Pediatric cataracts
  • Retinoblastoma (a cancer of the eye)
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Strabismus (eye misalignment in children and adults)
  • Tear duct obstructions (blocked tear duct)

Our ophthalmologists perform more than 1,100 procedures each year and see more than 16,000 patients annually. They also are involved in clinical research to help improve the treatment of pediatric eye disorders.

Patients are seen by Texas Children's ophthalmologists through self-referral or physician referral.

Routine vision tests and eyeglass prescriptions are not handled in this clinic.

For appointments, referral information, scheduling or follow-up, please call us at 832-822-2778.

Refractive Surgery for Amblyopia - Study

The Texas Children’s Ophthalmology Division in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine is now enrolling pediatric patients with Amblyopia for Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) or Refractive surgery under a pediatric eye disease investigator group study. Learn More.