Neurosurgical Oncology

Brain & Spine Tumors

The team of neurosurgeons at Texas Children’s is dedicated to curing children with brain, skull base, spinal column, and peripheral nerve tumors. Our Neurosurgical Oncologists are integral members of the Brain Tumor Program within the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

On a daily basis, our Neurosurgeons work with our neuro-oncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, radiation oncologists, and other surgical specialties to create a comprehensive care plan individualized to the patient and their family. Our Neurosurgical Oncologists are capable of treating tumors with minimally-invasive techniques such as laser ablation, endoscopic resection, and robot-assisted biopsies.

Additionally, they perform skull base approaches including transnasal techniques with our Head and Neck Surgical Oncologists, complex spinal stabilization procedures with spinal column tumors that destroy the integrity of the spine, and a variety of intraoperative techniques to minimize surgical risks and improve surgical outcomes including real-time neurophysiologic monitoring, image guidance, and ultrasound guidance.

Our Neurosurgical Oncologists also work with our world-class rehabilitation inpatient unit and physical medicine and rehabilitation team to provide the best post-operative treatment and rehabilitation plan for the most complex neurosurgical patients.