Limb Deformity and Reconstruction

The International Program for Pediatric Deformity Correction and Limb Reconstruction at Texas Children's Hospital provides comprehensive care to infants, children and young adults with complex orthopedic disorders of the lower limbs.

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We focus on integrated care of patients with various orthopedic conditions of the lower extremities. The physicians in the clinic will recommend surgery only if it is in the best interest of your child. We will also inform you of all treatment options available and why we recommend one treatment over another.

Many of the procedures our physicians perform can make large differences in function, length and cosmetic appearance of our patients improving their quality of life.

Conditions treated

  • Congenital deficiencies (short/missing leg bones)
    • Fibular hemimelia
    • Tibia hemimelia
    • Congenital femoral deficiency
  • Leg length differences
  • Blount's Disease
  • Angular deformities from growth arrest, trauma or infection

Services and treatment options

Our physicians focus on the treatment of complex limb deformities in children from infants to young adults. Limb deformity correction and reconstruction is different for each patient. We work with your child and family to prescribe individualized treatment plans.

On your first visit to the clinic we evaluate your child's lower extremities through a physical exam and review of x-rays. We discuss both non-operative treatments such as prosthetic recommendations and physical therapy as well as potential operative treatments with osteotomies, lengthening procedures and other possible solutions.

We also work with patients at the Fetal Center at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women when pregnancies are identified to have musculoskeletal congenital differences. We can meet with parents to discuss expectations, provide education, and determine treatment options after birth.

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