Labor and Delivery

Induction Process

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What to expect

To ensure you’re as comfortable as possible before the birth of your baby, you’ll wait in the comfort of your home until we’re ready to begin your scheduled induction of labor..

When you choose Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women for your birthing experience, you can expect open and honest communication at every stage of your journey, especially in the final stages of your pregnancy. We’ll communicate with you over the phone and via MyChart, our online patient portal.

If you are scheduled for and induction of labor, here’s what to expect:

  • Your health care provider (doctor or midwife) will discuss estimated dates for your induction.
  • Your provider will send an induction request to the Clinical Nurse Coordinator.
  • The Clinical Nurse Coordinator will schedule the induction and send you a confirmation message via MyChart. (If you do not have a MyChart account, please request a sign-up link from your provider’s office.)
  • The confirmation message will include the date and anticipated time of your scheduled induction. If you have any questions about the plan, please contact your provider. 
  • The day of your induction, if there are no delays you’ll receive a call from Labor & delivery to tell you to come to the hospital for your induction.

What if there is a delay?

While we make every effort to achieve your target admission date and time, unanticipated delays may occur. If there’s a delay, you’ll receive a My Chart message telling you about the delay, and advising you to keep all scheduled appointments with your provider. You are welcome to call for updates during delays -  you will have received the phone numbers for Labor & Delivery and the Clinical Nurse Coordinator. Please note, medically necessary induction requests have priority over elective inductions.

This process benefits both families and hospital staff and ensures a better experience for everyone involved in your care.