Research and Publications

In addition to providing exceptional patient care and education, Texas Children's Heart Center is dedicated to research that will create more positive outcomes for patients living with heart disease.


The pediatric heart transplant team physicians and researchers are involved in the following research projects:

  • Thoracic organ transplantation in the United States
  • Pediatric quality of life after ventricular assist device and transplant
  • Trends and outcomes in pediatric heart transplantation
  • Microstructural and cellular analyses of normal and congenitally diseased heart valves
  • Abdominal pain in pediatric heart transplant patients as a sign of graft vasculopathy
  • Noninvasive prediction of acute transplant rejection
  • Zenapax trial, used as induction therapy in cardiac transplantation
  • NIH sirolimus for coronary graft vasculopathy in children
  • Evaluation of BNP, or B-type natriuretic peptide, levels in the pediatric population – utility in children with status post-cardiac transplantation


As leaders in the field of heart surgery and heart transplant, our surgeons have published articles in a number of peer-reviewed publications and outlets. Access and review their published, academic articles on PubMed.