Head and Neck Tumor Program

<p>Head and Neck Tumor Program</p>

The Head and Neck Tumor Program at Texas Children’s Hospital specializes in the comprehensive surgical care of children with both malignant and benign masses in the head and neck including the face, sinuses, mouth, throat, salivary glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, neck, jaw and ear.

These tumors are distinctive, often representing rare pathologies and involving structures that are critical for day-to-day functions like swallowing, speech and vision. High-quality surgical treatment requires complex and intricate approaches with a robust team, uniquely trained and focused, with experience in treating these types of cases.

Texas Children’s Head and Neck Tumor Program is a partnership between Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery, in conjunction with the guidance of colleagues from MD Anderson Head & Neck Surgery and Baylor College of Medicine Head & Neck Surgery.

Our Approach

It is crucial for pediatric head and neck tumor cases to be treated at a children’s hospital by a focused, experienced, and consistent team, as they often times require multiple complex surgeries across long periods of time to account for developing and growing bodies. Being able to longitudinally follow these patients and perform follow-up surgeries as needed throughout the course of treatment is paramount for the best outcomes.

This includes efficient and accurate state-of-the-art diagnostics, multidisciplinary planning for optimized oncologic, cosmetic and functional outcomes, and consistent postoperative therapy to help children return to their normal lives.

To further enhance quality outcomes and complete surgical resection, our team utilizes three-dimensional printed models for precise surgical planning and the creation of pre-designed, custom-engineered plates to be used during reconstruction.


If you have questions, please call 832-822-3250 or email headandneck@texaschildrens.org. Any child or young adult (21 years of age or younger) can be referred.

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