The Hand and Upper Extremity Program uses arthroscopy to treat problems of the hand and upper extremity. With this minimally invasive surgical technique, a camera is inserted through a small incision to visualize the joint surface(s) and guide treatment.

Bone and soft tissue flaps and grafts

Our team specializes in bone and soft tissue reconstruction using flaps and grafts to restore form and function

External Fixation

External fixation is one of many techniques our program uses to treat injuries and deformities. By placing pins through the skin into bone and forming a scaffold-like frame, bones are stabilized and/or lengthened.

Fracture care

We also specialize in treating children with broken bones in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder, whether they are from a sports injury, trauma or complex issue.

In-clinic procedures for removal of extra digits (post-axial polydactyly)

The Hand and Upper Extremity Program performs multiple types of in-clinic procedures. Depending on the size of an extra small finger and your child's age, removal might be a good option.

Limb salvage

Our program brings together a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive care focused on preserving and restoring function in the upper and lower extremities in children, whether they are born with a limb difference or develop one from injury, tumor or disease.


We perform reconstructive microsurgery to repair delicate structures such as blood vessels and nerves. This procedure’s specialized microscopes and precision instrumentation allow us to restore form and function to children with birth differences as well as those affected by trauma and cancer.


The Hand and Upper Extremity Program performs an osteotomy – a procedure to cut and change the angle of bones – to realign bones and joints with the ultimate goal of restoring stability, improving function and potentially reducing pain.

Tendon transfers

Our team often uses tendon transfers to improve muscle balance and function in children with muscle imbalances, whether from nerve or muscle injury or neuromuscular disorders.