Family Fertility Center

Reproductive Genetics

Providing you with critical genetic information

We offer reproductive genetic services to help increase your chances of a successful pregnancy, identify genetic risk factors and enable you to make the most informed decisions as you build your family.

Through our partnership with Baylor College of Medicine’s renowned Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, our fertility patients benefit from the highest quality reproductive genetic counseling, screening and testing. These board-certified geneticists and counselors are here to ensure you understand your options and to help provide critical information, answers and support before pregnancy.

Genetic counseling and carrier screening

We offer preconception counseling to help identify genetic risk factors that may affect your pregnancy. During your visit, a genetic counselor will review your family history and discuss screening and testing options available to provide your personalized risk assessment.

A carrier screening will be offered to determine if you or your partner carry a gene for certain genetic disorders, and your chances of having a child with a genetic disorder.


Preimplantation genetic screening

For patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) is available to determine whether embryos (fertilized eggs) have the correct number of chromosomes before being implanted in the uterus, optimizing the chance of pregnancy.


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

For patients with a known risk of passing on a genetic condition, preimplantation genetic testing for mutation (PGT-M) is available with IVF to test the embryos for specific genetic disorders to help identify the healthiest embryos for implantation.