Transforming discoveries into hope

Our strengths in research have long set the Family Fertility Center apart, enabling us to offer leading-edge fertility treatments that ensure the highest probability of conception.

Fertility is a complex issue, leaving an estimated 1 in 8 couples in the U.S. in search of answers. As Baylor College of Medicine faculty members, our fertility experts are conducting research that’s crucial to gaining new insights into women’s and men’s reproductive health.

As both researchers and clinicians, we’re equally skilled at translating scientific discoveries into new treatments, providing the answers, hope and help you’re looking for.


At the forefront of reproductive medicine

From the beginning, Texas Children’s Hospital has been committed to creating one of the top fertility centers in the nation, investing in clinical and research facilities that would advance the understanding and treatment of infertility for the people we see, and for families everywhere.

Built from the ground up with input from prominent researchers across the United States, including Harvard, the University of Michigan and the University of Washington, our unique facility includes cutting-edge instrumentation in our clinical in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab that’s reproduced in two research labs nested within our larger IVF facility — making us one of the few facilities in the nation capable of advanced IVF research. Already, our data are translating into improved patient care and outcomes.

Our researchers’ interests are diverse, ranging from increasing understanding of specific conditions that impact fertility like PCOS and fibroids to utilization of time-lapse microscopy and embryo growth to predict live births from IVF.

Our strengths in research also include: 

  • Two internationally recognized PhDs coordinating our IVF and research labs
  • NIH grant funding awarded to our director of IVF research, reflecting the quality of our research
  • Cross collaboration with other departments throughout Baylor College of Medicine, enhancing our knowledge and accelerating discoveries
  • Additional research conducted by our trainees in reproductive medicine, multiplying our capabilities and earning awards and recognition at national meetings