Baylor Prenatal and Reproductive Genetics

<p>Baylor Prenatal and Reproductive Genetics</p>

Advanced genetic testing for informed decisions

Whether you’re thinking about having a baby, trying to have a baby or are currently pregnant and have questions about genetic conditions or birth defects — the Baylor Prenatal and Reproductive Genetics team at Texas Children’s Hospital can help you find answers to your questions. Our board-certified genetic counselors and specialists offer advanced genetic testing, fetal diagnostics, clinical resources and support.

Our team is made up of doctors and genetic counselors that specialize in prenatal and reproductive genetic risk assessment and the latest genetic testing technologies. Through our partnership with Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, we offer world-renowned clinical expertise in genetic testing, diagnostics and genetic counseling all in one convenient location.

Programs and Services

No matter where you are in your journey to have a baby, our highly skilled, board-certified genetic counselors and doctors are here for you.