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Due to the complex nature of hearing loss in children, the Ear & Hearing Center services are provided by a team of pediatric specialists with expertise in a wide range of auditory, diagnostic and therapeutic areas. Those involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients may include surgeons, audiologists and psychologists as well as speech, language and learning specialists.

Director, Ear & Hearing Center

Dr. Silva was recruited in 2017 from the University of Florida to direct the Ear and Hearing Center, which includes the multidisciplinary programs for Cochlear Implantation and care of children with Microtia and Aural Atresia. His main focus is the medical and surgical care of ear diseases in… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 281-494-7010 (Sugar Land) | 281-661-4858 (THI)


Nathan R. Lindquist, M.D. is board certified in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and board eligible in Neurotology. He earned his medical degree at Saint Louis University and went on to complete his residency in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine. Following… read more
Phone: 713-798-5900 (Jamail) | 832-822-3250 (TCH Main Campus)
I believe in personalized and patient-centered care for pediatric patients.  Each child has their own medical issues and I will use my clinical and research expertise to offer individualized and unparalleled quality care in the least invasive way.  Under my care you will benefit from innovative and… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 832-227-1420 (West)
I believe in treating children as I would my own, with compassion, respecting their space and making the experience the least intimidating. When the parents trust me with the care of their child, the onus to deliver the highest quality of care in a timely manner lies with me. I believe in… read more
Phone: 936-267-7400 (Woodlands) | 281-666-5006 (Eagle Springs)
Dr. Sitton's clinical interests are congenital and acquired neck masses and management of hearing loss including cochlear implantation.   Research Interest: Cochlear implant outcomes, Quality Improvement Dr. Matthew Sitton has been recently board certified in Complex Pediatric Otolaryngology,… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 832-227-1420 (West) | 281-494-7010 (Sugar Land)
Alex D. Sweeney, M.D. is double board certified in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and Neurotology. He has particular interests in hearing loss, cochlear implantation and skull base tumors. He earned his medical degree and completed residency at the Baylor College of Medicine. Following… read more
Phone: 832-822-3250 (Main) | 713-798-6336 (Jamail)
After completing his residency, Dr. Traboulsi trained in both Pediatric Otolaryngology and Otology. His main interests include pediatric airway disease, pediatric otology (chronic ear disease, cholesteatoma), and cochlear implantation. Dr. Traboulsi also specializes in pediatric imbalance and… read more
Phone: 936-267-7400 (Woodlands) | 281-666-5006 (Eagle Springs)
Dr. Vilela came to us following completion of his pediatric otolaryngology training at The Children's Hospitals of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Prior to fellowship training, Dr. Vilela graduated from medical school at the University of Texas-Houston and completed his… read more


Dr. Emery strives to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence and performance for her patient’s management and wellbeing.  Clinical Interests: Cochlear Implants, amplification and diagnostic evaluations.
Phone: 832-822-1030
Clinical Interests: Cochlear implants, newborn hearing screening and evaluation, pediatric amplification, and diagnostic hearing evaluation
Phone: 936-267-7350
Clinical Interests: Cochlear implants, auditory evoked potentials, and pediatric amplification
Phone: 936-267-7350
My philosophy is to provide best evidence-based care.  My clinical interest is optimizing our implant program for our diverse population.
Phone: 832-822-3249
Dr. Drob’s passion and focus is primarily centered around pediatric cochlear implantation and providing clinical services through evidence based practice. 
Phone: 832-822-3249

Cochlear Implant Program Coordinator