Asthma Center

<p>Asthma Center</p>

The Texas Children’s Asthma Center is staffed by members of the Pediatric Allergy/Immunology and Pulmonary Services. The center assists referring physicians in confirming a diagnosis of asthma for children with recurrent symptoms. We also treat children who have asthma that is difficult to control. The Asthma Center Team evaluates patients for factors that make asthma hard to control, develops an individualized asthma management plan including up-to-date pharmacologic therapy and environmental control, and educates patients and families to become asthma self-managers.

The Asthma Center helps families learn more about what may be triggering asthma problems for their child and what thier goals are for asthma control. The team works together with the family and referring physician to create a tailored daily management and acute rescue plan to prevent asthma episodes. Each visit,  we assess families’ self-management activity and skills and provide additional education.

When improved asthma control is achieved and the patient and family demonstrate good asthma management, we decide with the family and referring physician regarding ongoing asthma care. Many patients will be referred back to their primary physicians. Children with difficult to control asthma may continue to be followed for chronic care if requested.

For children who have had severe asthma or a history of a life-threatening episode, evaluation and care in the Life-threatening Asthma Clinic program is available.